No matter the work you do, efficiency is always key to maximization and perfecting desired outcomes. Here are some of my favorite tools to shred completion times in half, manage life, and ensure I’m a life-long learner!


Meditation (free!) – I personally use 4 main techniques: Mindfulness, Mantra/Word Embodiment, Visualizations, and Delta Brainwave Training. Here’s more info on how to mediate and find peace in your own life.

Spotify (for a monthly fee similar to that of Netflix) – download, rewind, and make playlists of your favorite tunes.

Positive Words – Here’s a list I borrowed to keep myself positive and upbeat.


AutoCAD 2017 (Student version is free! for 3 years)

Staedtler Graphite Set ($10-$15)

Canson Paper ($25-$45)

Camscanner App (free!) – Quickly turn documents into pdf’s and export anywhere you like.

Finances: (Free!) – Manage ALL accounts you have and see pending deposits or payments yet to post. Also an easy calculator for your net worth.


Under Armour’s MyFitnesPal App (Free!) – It calculates how many calories you should consume based on your input and tracks meals, water consumption, and exercises.